5 Rules of Cooking Healthy Food

What makes a food great? There can be a number of factors. Taste is one of the most important and obvious factors. The presentation is another factor to consider. But most would agree that the most important factor in a great food is its health benefit. What is the use of a food that tastes and looks great but does more harm than good to your health? To help you make your food healthy, we have compiled a list of tips. Remember, however, that a healthy food can be, and should be, delicious and visually appealing. This is what makes a food great.


  • Use Healthy Fats

We need to use fats to prepare most of our food, and there is nothing wrong about it. Many vitamins and nutrition can only dissolve in fats; so, we need fats to have essential nutrition. However, the choice of fat matters. Use healthy fats for cooking like olive oil and other less processed oils. Keep your cooking away from highly processed fats.

  • Prefer Unprocessed and Unrefined Ingredients

Remember that the most important factor in good food is its health value. The beauty and convenience are additional factors. Unrefined and unprocessed ingredients for cooking are almost always healthier.

  • Use Less Meat

Use less meat in your cooking. Or even better, go meatless. Per capita consumption of meat has increased significantly, giving rise to all sorts of diseases. Plant sources are healthier for you and sustainable for the environment too.

  • Have Less Dairy

Dairy products are often categorized as healthy food. However, too much dairy can do more harm than good. As an environmentalist highlighted, nature has designed cow’s milk to make its calf bigger in the least possible time. And it is not something we are looking forward to.

  • Grow Some of the Ingredients Yourself or Shop from Local Farmers

It is easier than you think. Growing some of the ingredients yourself is the best, and buying from local farmers is the second best for tasty and healthy cooking.